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New Franklin approves stipend for finance director Carolynn Mostyn |  Suburbanite correspondent NEW FRANKLIN After some debate, New Franklin City Council, during its Feb. 3 meeting, approved a $3,500 stipend for Finance Director Susan Cooke for overtime hours spent keeping track of the city's portion of CARES Act funding. Mayor Paul Adamson, during the Jan. 20 council meeting, talked about paying Cooke the stipend to compensate for hundreds of hours worked on reports regarding the $1.5 million the city received. City Council received a letter from a citizen who questioned whether the city was using modern software to get these reports done. Cooke said the software is up to date and added the city was instructed by Summit County officials to use spreadsheets. Councilman Andrew Fetterman said he is a salaried employee and said he takes on special projects all the time and when “you take a salary position, you expect it.” Councilwoman Andrea Norris said her staff at her business took on a lot more than expected this year and sometimes it does warrant a little bit more than a salary because “you are going to recognize the above and beyond that employees did and especially this year.” The resolution passed with a 4-3 vote with Jim Cotts, Judy Jones and Andrew Fetterman voting against the stipend. Cooke thanked the members of council for passing the resolution and said she would be meeting with   that the next day she would be meeting with Julian & Grubb to begin the GAP program to review any new regulations. The audit will begin in June and it will contain two separate audit reviews, one for the regular yearly audit and the other that pertains to the CARES Act funds. She also said if residents receive a form from RITA (Regional Income Tax Agency) and have any questions to contact her at the administration office. • Authorized the city's portions of the funds for the South Summit Council of Governments new dispatch center with the city of Green. • Approved a resolution for the city to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Summit County Health District for storm water services through 2025. • Approved for the city to take all actions deemed necessary to accept Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) Energized Community Grants. • Approved to enter into an agreement with Sun Life Financial for life, voluntary life and voluntary vision insurance for New Franklin’s self-insurance plan. • Approved a resolution for a then and now purchase order for an outstanding invoice from Northstar Asphalt in the amount of $127,108.16. • Approved a resolution declaring the need to advertise for sealed bids for the 2021 road paving project. • The deadline for proposals to manage and coordinate operations for the Tudor House has passed and Adamson said numerous letters and publications in the newspaper were submitted and published to advertise for proposals. One proposal was received, and discussions will continue with the interested party. • Aqua Ohio continues to run water lines in the city. A Resolution will come soon regarding the contract replacement Aqua Ohio has submitted. The first phase of the project, Ohio EPA agreed to pay $2 million and Aqua committed to $1.5 million. The City of New Franklin would pay the remainder of $500,000. Consequently, Aqua has agreed to now finance and New Franklin will no longer have a financial obligation. • Two members of council were appointed to the Firemen’s Relief Board, David Stock and Judy Jones.


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As faith in audits falter, the DeFi community ponders security alternatives So, how to enable more frequent security reviews that better met the needs of projects? Bonassi says he initially considered a Gitcoin grant for a whitehat group as a solution, but ultimately determined that such a model would be overly-centralized and wouldn’t be able to scale. None of his whitehat peers had insight on how to solve the problem, either, so he opted for simplicity. The definitive guide on how scaling bug bounties will boost DeFi and smart contract security, from our CEO @MitchellAmador : - Bug bounties are incentive game changers - Scaling bug bounties will protect the community https://t.co/szvOn2JQu7 “If you don’t have any sort of idea, start from the basics: start a forum, let’s say a ‘market,’ where people can ask for reviews big or little, and also offer their expertise.” He’s not aiming to replace audits and auditing companies entirely, Bonassi notes, and instead envisions the DAO as one that can help younger projects better prepare for an audit by providing “continuous review” and “liquid auditing.” It’s a model that security expert Maurelian at OptimismPBC thinks leaves space for big auditing firms, while also acknowledging that there needs to be other security solutions as well.  “IMO there is real value to an audit by a high quality firm, and nothing else really serves as an 'alternative', but I also think there is an issue of over-reliance on audits to provide security,” he said.  Bonassi also believes ReviewsDAO could eventually become a kind of auditing “University,” where people with specialized knowledge can branch into other areas and young developers can grow into fully-fledged auditors — both taking stock of and bolstering the developer resources across DeFi. “My goal is also to map people and projects — having a transparent place where people can exchange information, help us to understand how many people who are, basically, from a security perspective good enough, are present in the ecosystem.” While it meets a clear market need, Bonassi says there are no current plans for monetization or a ReviewsDAO token. “I think that initiatives like this one should be community goods,” he argues. This effort to avoid capital incentives is more than just idealism. These new auditing projects are arising because the current model isn’t fully sustainable, says Bonassi — a model that is “transactional,” meaning auditors don’t have as skin in the game that a more fully-engaged partner might. As a result the entire DeFi landscape (one which the auditors should ostensibly be securing) is suffering. “They’re not a relationship. It’s not a partnership,” Bonassi says. Nonetheless, even public good often have public funding, and it’s an open question whether developers  — who are often overworked to begin with — will be willing to donate time at what Andre Cronje calls the “Emiliano Bonassi Rate”: for no reward other than the recognition. Bonassi notes that multiple major DeFi protocol founders have offered grants, which thusfar have been turned down. He’s stubborn to see if developers are willing to give back to the space that’s often given them so much, even when there’s other, potentially lucrative options available. “What we really need in this ecosystem is more people who work on it — let’s say, someone may hate me but, less forks if they’re not adding value [...] I don’t want to end up in the ICO era. I don’t want to go back to 2017.” If you want to get involved, join the discord and tell me how you want to be involved.